Our aims and objectives

Florence Avenue is a person centred service. We use positive values, assessment, inclusion and choice, to provide people who use our service with individual support packages – created and tailored specifically to their needs and goals. We always develop our support packages in partnership with people using our service to achieve successful, rewarding outcomes.

At Florence Avenue we see the whole person. Irrespective of disability, age, gender or ethnicity, everyone has the potential to achieve and exceed their personal expectations.

We believe that everyone should be a part of their local community, and we strive to achieve positive social inclusion for all service users. People using our service should not only feel safe and welcome within Florence Avenue, but also within their local community.

We ensure whenever possible that service users take part in local events and are included within local news and updates. We take every opportunity we can to give people using our service an understanding of their community and what is happening around their home.

We believe that each person using our service should have as much choice and control over their lives as possible. At Florence Avenue, support staff and management involve service users as much as possible, to provide them with every opportunity to decide how their service is run.

At Florence Avenue we will:

We want more than anything to ensure that Florence Avenue always provides a quality service. We use a variety of monitoring tools both internally and externally to make sure that people using our service are not only receiving the support they want and need, but that the support is appropriate. Most importantly, we want to make sure that people using our service are on track to achieve their chosen goals.