Care and Support

We work with individuals and families to agree what sort of support best meets their needs.

Our service supports people with complex needs (including a diagnosis of autism as well as a learning disability), people with behaviours which challenge, people with associated mental health problems and those with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

We believe that the people who use our service should be at the centre of their support plans and as such it is imperative that they are able to communicate their individual needs, wishes, opinions and choices to the support team. We currently use a wide variety of communication aids such as verbal, physical, pictorial and objects of reference to ensure we are always listening and understanding the needs of the people using our service.

The team at Florence Avenue works closely with service users and their chosen representatives, such as family members and close friends, to achieve outcomes. We provide our service in partnership with a multi-disciplinary team.

The multi-disciplinary team includes healthcare professionals, including a GP (general practitioner), consultants, specialists, physiotherapists, dentists, opticians, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, care managers and social workers.

When it comes to support plans, our team is adamant that one size does not fit all. We believe that individual goals can only be achieved with the help of regular personal reviews. Every support plan at Florence Avenue includes these reviews, which are undertaken by the multi-disciplinary team responsible for each resident.

Sometimes certain goals are more important than others, and these goals will be reviewed more frequently to ensure people using our service not only achieve their personal targets, but exceed them.

Service users are supported in line with their personal support plan, so any and every assistance required will always be delivered in a consistent, considered manner.

Our team is dedicated to service users’ chosen activities of daily living, ensuring independence is at the heart of every action and decision. We provide active and positive encouragement to empower people using our service to do as much for themselves as possible.

It is Florence Avenue’s responsibility to ensure that staff do not accept or carry out delegated tasks or roles unless they have the sufficient support, supervision, education and training to competently and successfully carry out their work.

If you would like to find out more about how we can support you in your community, please ring 020 8646 5921, or email, and one of our advisors will provide further information on how Florence can provide support in your local area.